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A Victorian real estate agent tasked to sell haunted homes to unsuspecting buyers. 

Haunted House Flipper is a tower offense game where you are protecting a conga line of buyers coming to view the home. To protect them, the agent wields the Ghost-Be-Gone perfume of DEHAUNTing and a hammer for FIXING key items. While frantically making sure the buyers don't leave unsatisfied, the ghosts will be moving around breaking and haunting items, in hopes the buyers flees in terror to protect what the ghosts claim to be, their home.


DL Simpson - Gameplay, UI, & Tools programmer

Oluwabiyi Akinsara - Gameplay, AI & Tools programmer 

Reilly MacKay - VFX Artist, 3D Modeler,  Animator & Concept Artist 

Matthew Kwiatkowshi - Level Designer

Sean Eisenhardt - Level Designer


HHF.zip 401 MB


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I played your game and had fun. (Skip to 5:24)


Thank you for playing. I enjoyed your playthrough and, am glad you stuck it to the end. My favorite part was the split second you were worried there may be an upstairs portion to the game.


As Usual Gameplay Footage from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!